Photo: Lani Trock

Photo: Lani Trock


Artist and designer Kelly Lamb is based in Los Angeles.

Inspired by Sacred Geometry, Viennese Secessionism, the Arts and Crafts Movement and architects such as Buckminster Fuller and Oscar Niemeyer, Lamb’s designs are characterized by a dynamic dialogue between clean, geometric and organic shapes. Ranging from fine art and ceramics to high-end furniture design and home wares, her studio products are handmade in Los Angeles with local merchants, vendors and craftsmen.

Lamb has had solo exhibitions at R & Company, Spencer Brownstone and Newman Popiashvili galleries in New York, NY, and has exhibited internationally at venues including Andrea Rosen Gallery and New Museum in New York; Agnes B and École des Beaux Art in Paris; and at Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami Beach. Los Angeles interiors include Malo Restaurant, El Prado Bar, and the green room of the Echo Nightclub. Lamb’s work has been featured in publications including the New York TimesArtforumID MagazineSunsetW, and Surface Magazine. Lamb received a Bessie Award and a Tiffany Grant as part of the collaborative performance art group, the B-Team, a non-profit group that traveled internationally staging events and exhibitions around live glassblowing.

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